Foreign Rider | Premium Quality Sportswear


The foreign rider company manufactures premium quality sportswear designed for post-ride comfort and daily performance.

road. water. mountain. travel.

The apparel collection is small and built around basic essentials that will improve over time with wear. fr. encourages you to build a sustainable wardrobe and make an investment in quality goods that are built to last. Goods that are clean and timeless in design and will not look dated in a few years.

The foreign rider company was started to have complete control over the manufacturing process to ensure premium quality, consistency and ethical production standards.

fr. clothing is manufactured in small batches of 100 pieces at a time using the finest fabrics and sewing construction methods. This allows them to hand inspect and measure each and every piece of clothing they produce. Their process ensures a consistent fit and it also eliminates any defects.

Once inspection is complete, the interior label is then hand circled as a mark of superior quality control and luxury manufacturing.


The foreign rider company was first developed in 2009 as a personal project for Ralph Dunning who has over 25 years of experience in apparel design and manufacturing. Ralph first got into the apparel industry in the early 90’s when he started a company that manufactured technical apparel for cyclists. He had no formal design training at the time and actually came from a senior management position at a major record company. It inspired Ralph to go from the music industry and jump straight into the apparel industry, first with Rip n Hammer. In 2001, Ralph forever changed the game of golf introducing the very first apparel line comprised exclusively from performance fabrics. He built Dunning Golf from the basement of his house to become one of the most respected brands in the game selling to 1500 of the top private clubs and resorts in the world.

Over his career, Ralph learned about sewing, proper construction methods and developing luxury fabrics. When he first started in apparel, everything was manufactured in Toronto with a very hands on approach in every step of the process. But as the companies he built grew, he had to start manufacturing in different parts of the world to be able to produce at a higher volume. He developed a very strong understanding of how the process works on both a small scale and mass scale. In 2009, he started to miss the hands on approach to local manufacturing. That same year, he went on a cycling trip to the Giro D'Italia with the Cervelo Test Team as a guest of Cervelo co-founder Gerard Vroomen. It was his first time cycling outside of North America and was a completely new perspective on riding. Ralph rode everyday and moved from town to town as the tour moved. Ralph has been a dedicated cyclist for the majority of his life and on this trip was thinking about how to pack products he could wear for post-ride comfort, daily use and travel. He wanted to build a line comprised of timeless basics he could pack for either a weeklong or month long trip. To him, this meant natural fabrics in cotton and wool that are ideal for comfort. That is when he got the idea to start a new company for a riding and traveling lifestyle. It was also his goal to provide quality and long lasting products over quantity and volume. In addition, he wanted a company where he could oversee the entire process. After 20 plus years, he wanted to build a small company for all the right reasons.

Ralph has always been heavily influenced by a clean and understated aesthetic and wanted his new company to reflect this. He spent the next 4 years selecting fabrics and perfecting the fit. He then met with a local factory 10 minutes from his office in Toronto and built up a set of prototypes. It took close to a year to get them dialed in and then he went into production. Ralph consulted with sportswear design specialist Cole Buxton in the technical construction of each piece to make sure it would stand up to the rigors of daily use and travel. Flatlock construction, ribbed side panels, premium YKK zippers and cutting each fabric on the cross grain to prevent shrinkage.


The foreign rider company operates on complete transparency providing consumers an inside look at the design and manufacturing process. The company works closely with a factory called WS who has a long history in apparel manufacturing and completely understand the construction of cotton and natural fabrics. WS gave full access to the factory floor and they are involved in literally every step of the manufacturing process. The final step of the process means the fr. team measure and inspect each and every piece. Once inspected, each label is circled and each hangtag is signed. Before final packaging, each piece is washed and pre-shrunk then individually pressed.

Invest in quality one piece at a time.